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Dear Richard,
So far so good (with your explanations).  I'd have preferred answers really - but never mind that for the present.
Now, how I wonder would you explain the following factual statement in Mr Madden's letter to Minister for Justice McDowell TD of November 7th 2005: "His efforts to secure proper legal representation have been thwarted at every turn ... " (The full text of Mr Madden's letter can be seen at
Perhaps you may also wish to explain the fact that Minister McDowell (the JUSTICE Minister please note) appears to be unable to provide any answer to this amazing state of affairs.  Similarly regarding the several other legal issues raised by Mr Madden in his letter to Minister McDowell - why?
I personally don't think it's much of an "answer" for Minister McDowell to just very firmly "bury his head in the sand" regarding such an extremely important issue - even an ostrich with a much smaller brain than Minister McDowell's can easily manage that kind of response.  
Such a response is fine for an ostrich I believe; but, a Minister for Justice who takes up that kind of position, regarding such a core legal issue, fully deserves an almighty good kick up the backside (in my view).  Sooner or later, and in one way or another, my hope is that Minister McDowell will get just that. He is in just the right position for it now; he fully deserves it (as far as I'm concerned); and, the sooner he gets it the better this world will be. 
I wonder if you were to write to Minister Mc Dowell for an explanation, would he answer you?
As you seem genuinely keen to help me, which I appreciate very much, I can't help feeling now that you should perhaps try contacting Minister McDowell (or anyone else who you believe might help) on my behalf - if for no other reason than it would provide you with some direct, practical experience of what it's really like to be in my situation.  It's all very well shouting comments relating to the best efforts of the players down on the field from the heights of the grandstand, but, how about coming down onto the pitch and "playing the game" yourself - as a participant, instead of as an observer (or a "hurler on the ditch" as they say in Ireland)?   
When it looked as though Minister McDowell had no answer, other than that of the ostrich, I then wrote to the Northern Ireland Minister for Justice (Minister Hanson MP) to see if he might be able to help me.  (The text of this letter and the associated Post Office receipt can be seen at: )
Though my letter of December 9th 2005 letter to Minister Hanson MP was sent through the registered post, I have so far not even received an acknowledgement of receipt from Minister Hanson's office.
At this stage, I do not have the slightest doubt in my mind that you can provide me with any amount of wonderful explanations and excuses as to why Minister Hanson, and several other such people, are "acting the ostrich" regarding my particular set of issues (which include major violations of the Constitution of Ireland don't forget): but, can you provide me with just one good reason as to why they are ALL behaving in this way?  (Some of the Constitutional issues, which Minister McDowell knows all about, because the e-mail at the following address was copied to him, can be seen at )
I feel I should stress that it's one (or more) GOOD REASONS "from the horse's mouth" that I'm very badly in need of just now PLEASE.  Spin from "window-dressing" organisations and casual observers is of very little use to me at this stage. 
Without wishing to be in any way disrespectful towards you, please note it is a matter of fact that I can go to any "public house" or "bar room" in Ireland, or anywhere else in the world for that matter, and get hundreds and thousands of the kind of brilliant excuses and explanations you have been providing me with so far regarding the wholly avoidable and unlawful mental torture I'm being put through (for several years now): at the hands of people like Minister for Justice McDowell and all those who support him - both here in Ireland, and in the United States of America.  (Minister McDowell is a big fan of President George W. Bush I gather - and visa versa no doubt?)
Best wishes,
PS: The original "Sudden opening of Kilconnell Superdump" subject text which gave rise to this particular discussion can be seen at: 
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In a message dated 1/2/2006 4:49:21 AM Hawaiian Standard Time, writes:

You appear to be making things up, and for what purpose I do not know. ........
However, I do nevertheless now find myself wondering how do you might explain why Minister for Justice Michael McDowell TD is failing to reply to the letter sent to him on November 7th 2005 by Northern Ireland Senior Social Worker Gerard Madden, and which contained an attachment from Dr Michael McCavert GP?

Dear Billy,
          Your well-being has always been, and still is, important to me.  However, your emails to me beg to be answered as I believe you have been wasting your time with government agencies who have no interest in your plight. 

        My information regarding your
situation has been gleaned from three years of emails I have received from you.  I have made nothing up, as you say, and mean you no harm. My intention is to help.
    While I agree that the letters from social worker Gerrard Madden and your physician Dr. Michael McCavert correctly represent your mental status, and your fear of appearing in Court, I believe the letters should have been directed at the Court and Judge who ordered the warrant for your arrest rather than the Minister of Justice, President or Prime Minister.  I know little about Irish Courts, but in the United States a Defendant must appear in Court and ask for time to prepare their case, and it is the Judge who grants time and appoints attorneys for defendants who cannot afford them. This is not normally negotiated prior to appearing.

    To answer your question: I have no idea why
Minister Michael McDowell TD has not answered Mr. Madden's letter.  Perhaps the Minister believes your rights have not been violated since you have not been to Court and no decision has been rendered.  Perhaps, as in the US, the Dept. of Justice is the public defender, which would mean the department would prosecute the case against you, not defend you.
    It is apparent you have been knocking on the wrong doors.  You need to take your social worker and doctor and ask the court for leniency based upon all the mitigating circumstances you have described.  If you do not do this I suspect you will be sending email from North Ireland for many years to come.
    I have enclosed below some information on Minister McDowell which I found interesting and relative to your situation.  Also included is information on a private agency that assists human rights refugees. I hope this helps.

Best Wishes,
and hoping the
New Year is better
for you than 2005

Minister McDowell provides funding of Euro 110,000 to the Irish Refugee Council

The Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform, Mr. Michael McDowell, T.D., today announced the provision of a grant of Euro 110,000 to the Irish Refugee Council (IRC) to assist the Council in undertaking its core activities during 2006. This is the sixth consecutive year in which a substantial grant for the IRC has been approved from Exchequer funds.The IRC was established in 1992 as a non-governmental organisation and brings together a large number of organisations throughout the State as well as individual members who work with asylum seekers and refugees.  In announcing the grant, the Minister stated that "I am pleased to provide funding to the Irish Refugee Council in 2006 which I hope will assist the Council in undertaking its work on behalf of asylum seekers and refugees. This work complements the work undertaken by the relevant statutory agencies". 29 December, 2005 


The Irish Refugee Council (IRC) is an independent non-governmental
organisation (NGO) which was set up in 1992. It is registered in Dublin as a company limited by guarantee No. 188693. Chy No. 10153. It has its head office in Dublin and a sub-office in Ennis. The IRC is a membership organisation whose membership is open to individuals and organisations which support the organisation's aims. If you would like to become a member of the Irish Refugee Council please complete a membership form (in Word format) and return to the Dublin office. An Executive Committee, which is elected at the Annual General Meeting, manages the organisation and sub-committees function in a variety of areas including social policy, legal policy and outreach. Key Areas of Work The work of the IRC on a national level includes policy, research, legal, networking and information components while the Ennis sub-office deals with the broad range of issues affecting the local refugee community.
Mission Statement, Aims and Objectives
Policy work/research
Legal Services
Ennis Office
Public Awareness, Education and Networking Irish Refugee Council | Contact us | Press releases | Policy papers | Publications | Voluntary work | About us | Useful links | Advice for Refugees | Employment Vacancies | Fact Sheets | EU Presidency | Upcoming Events | Refugee Statistics

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