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Subject: "The Fixer" ( Re: European Court of Human Rights Case Reference: 25077/05)
To: "The Registrar, European Court of Human Rights, Council of Europe, Strasbourg. (Re: ECHR Case Reference: 25077/05)" <>
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To: Bullyonline Yahoo Group <>
CC:, Kathy Sinnott MEP <>
From: William Finnerty <>
Date: Sun, 4 Dec 2005 17:11:26 +0000 (GMT)
Subject: [bullyonline] "The Fixer"

  "The Fixer" presents as a natural consequence an industry of mental health providers who feed, on the corps of the people that had fallen pray to US judiciary and he explains why the congress or the president will not solve the problem."

The above quote is a reference to a new book named "The Fixer" by United States lawyer Teddy Moore.

Though the subject material of this new book seems to relate entirely to allegations of rampant corruption and fear among lawyers within the United States jurisdiction, it is believed that many other jurisdictions may suffer from very similar problems.

This is not surprising perhaps, given that so many legal systems in use in the western world today are heavily based on ancient "Roman Law" - which was often riddled with corruption in its day-to-day implementations.  (For more on corruption in ancient Rome see .)

Some more quotations relating to "The Fixer" (which have all been taken from web sites on the Google listing provided below):

"The United States legal system is built to be corrupt and not to make justice."
"So says Teddy Moore, author of the book 'The Fixer', a book which chronicles what he says is the most-kept secret in U.S. history----extreme corruption of the U.S. Judiciary."
"Most of the Congress people (i.e. the legislators) are attorneys that are afraid of the judiciary, afraid to be disbarred and sanctioned, look forward for the time they are out of Congress and join the corruption and make a buck for themselves. Therefore they cannot be part of the solution".

"The facts in my book suggest that the legal system in the United States is terribly corrupt because the hypocrisy of the United States, the rich and powerful are interested in the system giving them the judgment they want for the price they can afford".
"You don't know about the corruption because the media doesn't report it", Moore says. "They call it a single bad apple but the bad apples are everywhere…on the top of the barrel, in the middle, on the bottom….everywhere…they refuse to report it for what it is".
"People who believe that they come to court to decide their case based on the facts and the law are terribly mistaken."
"The US Supreme Court supervises the racket of extortion, bribes and extreme corruption."
"The author claims that the US judiciary is liable for more damage and injuries to US people then the Nazis."
" 'The Fixer' shows how the knowledge of the rules of survival in this jungle can be utilized by you or by your attorney, for a favourable outcome, and so expose the silence of the media, which is gagged by a criminal judiciary and thus they report the atrocities as "Single bad apples" only when the entire barrel is rotten to the core.
All of the above quotes have come from web site addresses listed at:

A short video interview which shows Teddy Moore answering questions about his new book can be seen at:

  An invitation to input information on the EU Green Paper on mental health can be found at:





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