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Subject: PM Blair, Dr Foster, and >>> FW: Please sign the KILL BILL
To: "Patrick Cullinane" <>, "David O'Sullivan,Chief Exe" <davido'>,, "Ann Mallaby - Victim" <>, "Bridget Joyce: Irish Victim" <>, "Charlotte Franklin" <>, "CharltonHarris,Police Victim" <>, "Chris Fogarty - IAN" <>, "Colette Harnett, Irish victim" <>, "Colin Peters" <>, "Con Dee - Chairman Lim" <>, "Craig Jennings - MHAC" <>, "" <>, "Ann Abraham - OHSC" <>, "David Varney, IR Chairman" <>, "Doris Daly" <>, "Dr LindsayThomson,Psychi" <>, "Dr. Rudi Vis MP" <>, "Gareth Thomas MP-Harrow" <>, "George Wescott, Victim" <>, "Gerald Mulder" <>, "'Irish' Embassy - London" <>, "Jean Hooper, NHS Victim" <>, "Jenny Law, Victim of Police" <>, "Jim Richardson, Warrants" <>, "John Illingworth,Councillor" <>, "John McDonnell MP-Hayes" <>, "Jon Myles - 'Irish' Post, UK" <>, "JosephinaMyers,Irish Victim" <>, "KayLintern,chance meeting" <>, "Kevin Brown" <>, "Mahajan Ashok - Victim" <>, "MargaretBrown: Irish Victim" <>, "MariaMcCourt,Daily Ireland" <>, "Mark Metcalf, Reporter" <>, "MauriceKellett,Police Victim" <>, "MauriceKirk,VeterinarySurg" <>, "Michael Mansfield QC" <>, "Michelle Franklin, Niece" <>, "Neil Woodward, IR - victim" <>, "Pam Thamu, MHAC, NHS" <>, "Patrick McGrath Irish Victim" <>, "PatrickReynoldsChair IBRG" <>, "Paul Bantock" <>, "Peter Barnes - LIPS" <>, "Peter Herbert,Barrister,MPA" <>, "Peter Oakes, Police victim" <>, "Phillip Inman, The Guardian" <>, "President McAleese,Ireland" <>, "Raymond Fox, Police victim" <>, "Richard Bruce, Victim" <>, "Siobhßn Healy - Website" <>, "Sir Ian Blair,Police Commiss" <>, "Suzon Forscey-Moore" <>, "Thai Embassy - London" <>, "Tom Minogue" <>, "Tom Moore - Victim" <>, "Tony Wilde, CaseworkerA6" <>, "UnitedNationsOfficeGenev" <>, "Walter Storch, TBRnews" <>
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With regard to mental health issues, some people may be interested in the following selection of extracts from the January 27th 2006 review of European Court of Human Rights Case Number 25077/05:


15)  If consultant psychiatrist Dr Foster had, as I begged him to do when I ended up in Omagh Hospital on December 7th 2004, taken the necessary steps to ensure I was provided with the legal help I requested from him (several times) during my stay in hospital under his "care" in December 2004, I consider it to be highly unlikely that National Toll Roads / Greenstar would ever have been allowed to complete their Kilconnell SuperDump Project: a project which I and many others believe was unlawful from start to finish, for the reasons provided under 9) above.

Instead of ensuring I was provided with the legal help I so desperately sought from him, and as you already know, Dr Foster had me forced out onto the street - with nowhere to go - just days before the Christmas period of December 2004.  Please note that I have long considered this as an act of severe torture on his behalf; and, that the torturous feelings associated with Dr Foster's actions been been greatly compounded and strengthened by the fact that in her letter to me dated August 31st 2005, Ms Aine Downey (Convenor, Western Health & Social Services Board) informed me "I do not intend to refer your complaint (regarding Dr Foster) to Independent Review".  Further information regarding the details of my complaint relating to Dr Foster can be found at 
13)  The worst of the mental torture I feel at the present time arises from the fact that both Minister for Justice Michael McDowell TD and Northern Ireland Justice Minister David Hanson MP appear to me to be completely ignoring the letters you very kindly sent to them last year on my behalf.  Scanned copies of the two letters in question can be seen at and .  
12) Both yourself and Dr Michael McCavert GP have very correctly observed (in my view), on numerous occasions in my presence, that my general health situation, and particularly my mental health situation, can only be expected to deteriorate for as long as my legal difficulties remain unresolved.

7)  Item (3) under Section 134 of the United Kingdom Criminal Justice Act 1988 reads as follows: "It is immaterial whether the pain or suffering is physical or mental and whether it is caused by an act or an omission." - as can clearly be seen under the side-heading "Torture" at page 

4)  To date, and despite my very best efforts, which include the set of 10 letters I sent through the registered post in September 2002 (which are referred to under Item "4)" in my e-mail to you reproduced at ), the several very senior public officials concerned - which include Prime Minister Tony Blair MP (mentioned under Item "5" of the same e-mail), continue to deny me my legal rights under Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights.


All 16 points contained in the January 27th 2006 Review can be seen at:

Prime Minister Tony Blair MP was one of several lawyers the January 27th 2006 Review was copied to.  The full list of addressees can be viewed at the Internet address immediately above.

Patrick Cullinane <> wrote (Date: Sat, 28 Jan 2006 19:59:28 -0000):
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From: miranda morland []
Sent: 26 January 2006 17:55
To: miranda morland
Subject: problems with signing petition
May I thank you all for having signed the KILL BILL volume 2 petition....It has been brought to my attention that many people are having difficulty accessing the site to sign I have therefore recreated the petition at the following site to insure that people may still sign it. I would be very grateful if you would sign it again at this site.......
Many many thanks
Wishing you all
love and rainbows
Miranda Morland

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