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From: "William Finnerty" <>
Subject: Destruction of the Celtic heritage site of Turoe/Knocknadala (EU Petition 1018/2003)
To: "Liam Aylward MEP" <>, "Simon Covney MEP" <>, "Brian Crowley MEP" <>, "Proinsias De Rossa MEP" <>, "Avril Doyle MEP" <>, "Marian Harkin MEP" <>, "Jim Higgins MEP" <>, "Mary Lou McDonald MEP" <>, "Mairead McGuinness MEP" <>, "Gay Mitchell MEP" <>, "Sean O'Neachtain (MEP)" <>, "Eoin Ryan MEP" <>, "Kathy Sinnott MEP" <>, "James Nicholson MEP" <>, "Mrs Bairbre de Brún MEP" <>, "Jim Allister MEP" <>
CC: "Marcin Libicki (Chairman of European Parliament Committee on Petitions)" <>, "Josep Borrell Fontelles (President of the European Parliament)" <>, "Prime Minister Tony Blair MP (Council of European Union President)" <>, "Jose Manuel Barroso (President of EU Commission)" <>, "Margot Wallstrom (Vice President of EU Commission)" <>, "Stavros Dimas (EU Commissioner for Environment & Social Affairs)" <>, "Council of Europe" <>, "Kofi Annan (Secretary-General of the United Nations)" <>
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William Finnerty <> wrote:

Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2005 15:34:37 +0100 (BST)
From: William Finnerty <>
Subject: N6 Upgrade & EU Petition 1018/2003 (re Turoe / Knocknadala Heritage sites)
To: "Gerard J Madden \(Senior Social Worker\)" <>
CC: "Ellen Weaver \(Solicitor, Northern Ireland Londonderry Law Centre\)" <>

Dear Gerry,

If the statement in the European Parliament quote below means what I think (and hope!!) it MIGHT mean, then it appears to me that (at the present time) just ONE person acting on their own - with a good enough case - will now be listened to by the European Parliament. 

With thoughts of the possibility that I might be extradited, which I understand Mr Michael Farrell (Human Rights Lawyer in Dublin) has pointed out to you on the phone earlier today, he may be interested to know that the positions of certain public servants in the Republic of Ireland might not now be as secure and safe as they have been in the past? 

Aside, and as I mentioned to you at our meeting this afternoon (by way of trying to explain all of the time, energy, and money I have spent trying to save heritage sites in East Galway since 1998), the history of my family name is very closely linked with Ollamh Fodhla (whose name appears below); and, by coincidence, you may also wish to know that many people believe the word "Ulster" is in fact a corrupted version of the first part of his name.  If interested, the close link between my family name and King Ollamh Fodhla is briefly outlined at the following Internet location:

As I believe it might be useful for Ms Weaver to know about the recent EU decision below regarding Petition 1018/2003 (which was submitted by me), and the results of which I only found out about very recently, I am copying this e-mail to her.

Also, I will be needing legal advice from Ms Weaver on the matter of the possible extradition Mr Farrell has talked to you about today. As things stand, I have no idea at all of how I might go about defending myself against this new and very worrying threat.

Best wishes,

William Finnerty.


"Vercingetorix (Ireland)" <> wrote:

To: "Celtic Party \(Yahoo Group\)" <>,
Nature Ireland <>,
Woodland League <>,
Tara / Skreen Yahoo Group <>
CC: "King Ollamh Fodhla \(Tara, Turoe, & Ulster\)" <>
From: "Vercingetorix \(Ireland\)" <>
Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2005 17:03:03 +0100 (BST)
Subject: [Celtic Party] Destruction of the Celtic heritage site of Turoe/Knocknadala (EU Petition 1018/2003)

William Finnerty <> wrote:

Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2005 16:37:20 +0100 (BST)
From: William Finnerty <>
Subject: Destruction of the Celtic heritage site of Turoe/Knocknadala (EU Petition 1018/2003)
To: "Vercingetorix \(Ireland\)"
CC: "King Ollamh Fodhla ( Tara / Turoe / Ulster )"


Via Galway, 1 page letter dated July 6th 2005 (with 2 page attachment) arrived from Brussels regarding planned N6 Upgrade road between Galway and Ballinasloe.

Last sentence of European Parliament attachment (titled "NOTICE TO MEMBERS") reads as follows:

"The planning and design of the project has received support from the European Regional Development Fund. However, it is not expected that the construction of the project will be funded."

Texts connected with EU Petition 1018/2003 available at:


Intend to place scanned copies of all 3 pages of letter from the European Parliament Committee on Petitions onto Internet sometime within coming 7 days. (Will inform you when this has been done.)


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