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Dear Gerry,
Some hours after you left the hospital yesterday, I had yet another lengthy discussion with a junior Indian doctor.
Though I found him very pleasant and very helpful in ways, and at one point he actually told that he knew of very similar problems to mine taking place in India (e.g. important heritage sites being threatened/destroyed as a result of very strident World Trade Organisation/G8 type ideation etc. etc.), he seemed to me to be entirely convinced in his own mind that the Health Service (i.e. the UK Health Service) can only help people to COPE with the kind of legal difficulties I am battling with; and, that consequently he and his doctor colleagues cannot help me to actually SOLVE the problem by looking for legal help on my behalf.
Allowing for the very open way which Dr McCavert GP has tried to help me find the legal help I need through the use of his two "To Whom It May Concern" letters, I cannot help feeling that the junior Indian doctor referred to above may be very seriously mistaken somehow (especially from a legal viewpoint and with due regard for "mental torture" issues) - and that he is possibly an innocent and unwitting victim of grossly misleading "spin" of some kind coming from his consultant psychiatrist superiors?
In the end, and after it became fully clear to me that, as things stood at the time, I was not going to get the assurance I requested regarding help from consultant psychiatrist Dr Manley with finding the human rights lawyer I so desperately need just now, I left the hospital at around 10.30 pm last night: after having to sign a piece of paper which said I was leaving the hospital against the advise of doctors. 
Apart from feeling very tired, I seem to be otherwise okay this morning.
Later today, and by way of trying to keep myself feeling okay, I hope to go and see some AA members I know in  Derry - and tomorrow as well possibly.
I also plan to write to you again tomorrow for the purpose of trying to further clarify my present position to you - which I feel too tired to do just now.
Best wishes,


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