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Subject: Sale of land at Lisnamult (Roscommon Town, Republic of Ireland)
To: "Gerald Finnerty & Marjorie Dolan (New Inn, County Galway.)" <>
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Dear Margie,
I received your letter (and the enclosures) dated February 27th 2006 today.
As you do not appear to have received the e-mail I sent to you on February 10th 2006, I will send a printed copy to you through the normal post tomorrow morning, together with a printed copy of this e-mail as well.
I have also now placed a copy of the February 10th 2006 e-mail at the following address: 
With regard to the contents of the e-mail at the above address, I now feel it is essential that you both discuss with Mr Nolan (lawyer) the matter of
the "pre-planning meeting" letter I propose to write to Ms Tracey Davis (Roscommon County Council) about.
I fully realise that you have already informed me that Gerald is happy to attend the "pre-planning meeting" I have proposed.  However, if Mr Nolan is not willing to co-operate with me - as appears to be the case - then, as I see things, the pre-planning meeting would all be a complete waste of everyone's time: assuming of course that Gerald still wishes to continue using the services of Mr Nolan.  
You may also wish to take account of the fact that my e-mail to Gerry Madden (Senior Social Worker) dated January 27th 2006 (see ) was copied to Mr Nolan, and that he, and John Glynn (Barrister and Principal Lawyer at Hogan & Company), both appear to be completely ignoring all aspects of the 16 points I set out in that e-mail - which all seems very strange to me, having due regard for the fact that, in early December 2004, just hours before I was forced to flee the Republic of Ireland in order to avoid being corruptly criminalised (and possibly imprisoned), Hogan & Co advised Gerald in connection the signed statement he gave the police in May 2002 regarding my alleged verbal assault on Mr Hoey (Galway County Council), following his irresponsible refusal to look at the unlawful sewage discharges in New Inn village: the matter which lays at the very heart of the huge (and still growing) legal mess which nobody in the legal profession now wishes to face up to: but, which I continue to be subjected to very severe mental torture over nonetheless.
As there is no doubt at all in my mind that the wholly avoidable mental torture I continue to be subjected to is nothing short of serious criminal abuse, which I am completely powerless over because I cannot find a lawyer to help me, I am copying this e-mail to Garda Commissioner Noel Conroy (Chief Commissioner of Police, Republic of Ireland). Crime is crime, the law is the law is the law, and nobody is above the law - leaving aside of course the extremely negative and distorting social effects of the very large and obvious amounts of corruption in the legal professions of Ireland at the present time: particularly in regard to human-rights law, and to environmental law.
Changing the subject, you may wish to know that I have seen a recent newspaper report which suggests that another postal strike is being planned here in Northern Ireland. Should this happen, please keep in mind that you can collect the e-mails I am sending you by joining any public library, and using the password information I have already sent to you. Alternatively, you can collect them from any of the several "Internet Cafes" in the towns surrounding you. 
Best wishes to you both,


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