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Subject: Can anyone help? (RE: Hieroglyphics in "Cairn T", Republic of Ireland)
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Can anyone help?

by W. Finnerty.  Thu Mar 09, 2006 19:43
For many people, huge mystery still surrounds the meaning of the very ancient set of hieroglyphics engraved on the stones in "Cairn T", which is located some miles to the north-west of the Hill of Tara (County Meath, Ireland).
One thing seems certain: the Cairn T set of hieroglyphics in all probability predates all of the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics by hundreds, and possibly thousands of years.
It looks as though there might never have been any really serious academic study of the Cairn T set of hieroglyphics to date? - and, as many heritage sites around the Hill of Tara are now under very serious threat from the planned M3 motorway toll road project, and MUCH more so possibly from The National Monuments Act 2004 (please see ), perhaps now is the time for some very serious, and some very good quality academic investigation? - before it's all too late.
Several good quality drawings of the Cairn T hieroglyphics can be seen at the following web site, together with some very detailed explanations of their possible meaning, which - correctly or otherwise(?) - some people very vigorously dispute and ridicule: 
Some much more cautious speculation on the general purpose and meaning of Cairn T can be found at:  
The following four quotations have been taken from the page address immediately above:
1) "The construction date (Cairn T) is estimated somewhere between 4000 BCE and 3000 BCE. According to some scholars the passage tombs at Loughcrew were built before Newgrange, which is most likely built around 3200 BCE."
2) "The most farfetched and historically implausible we have stumbled upon claims that the above mentioned Cairn T is the burial site of Ollamh Fodhla. Ollamh Fodhla is known as a historical Tuath, or King, and influential breitheamh, meaning judge or arbitrator. It is commonly accepted that Fodhla introduced the triennial conference at the Hill of Tara, the Feis Teamhrach, or Great Fair, to discuss the loopholes in the Brehon Law. It is unlikely that Ollamh Fodhla, who lived around 1300 BCE, is buried in a tomb which has been built two millennia before."
3) "The last prevailing theory we discuss clench to the calendar idea. The foundations of this theory are simple, yet effective. At dawn of the spring (and autumn) equinox a sunbeam illuminates a symbol, which might represent a flower or sun, in the top-left corner of the end stone in Cairn T. With the rising of the sun the beam of light slides and hits a second sun-like symbol spot on. Martin Brennan(?) and Jack Roberts(?), who discovered this phenomenon in 1980, immediately identified the slab as a calendar. Sounds reasonable, but what about the other sun-like symbols on the slab? Considering their position on the lower part of the slab it seems improbable that the sun is able to illuminate them."
4) "After all these riddles you might want to sit down for a minute. Reflect on everything you have seen and experienced while sitting on a seat-shaped stone on the west side of Cairn T. Perhaps you feel royal if you realise that the stone you are sitting on is known as (King) Ollamh Fodhla's Seat, or perhaps you feel uncomfortable if we tell you that the stone is also known as The Hag's Chair."
A short but impressive video showing how the sun lights up the hieroglyphics on the "end stone" inside Cairn T, on and around the days immediately surrounding March 21st and September 21st (the central equinox days), can be viewed via the following address: 
If you can help resolve any of the present mystery (and controversy) regarding the true meaning of the set of hieroglyphics on the Cairn T stones, please send your information as a "comment" to this page.
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For future reference purposes, connected with European Court of Human Rights Case Number 25077/05 (William Finnerty), a copy of this e-mail will later today be placed at the following Internet address: 

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