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Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2005 14:51:03 +0100 (BST)
From: "William Finnerty" <>
Subject: Article 14.1 issues (United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights)
To: "Council of Europe" <>, "Kofi Annan (Secretary-General of the United Nations)" <>
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William Finnerty <> wrote:

Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2005 17:21:02 +0100 (BST)
From: William Finnerty <>
Subject: Major problem relating to social security benefits ...
To: "Ellen Weaver \(Solicitor, Northern Ireland Londonderry Law Centre\)" <>
CC: "Gerard J Madden \(Senior Social Worker\)" <>

Dear Ms Weaver,
Thank you for your e-mail dated July 19th 2005.  It is very much appreciated.
With the benefit of hindsight, I feel I should have informed you in my letter of July 18th 2005 (reproduced below) that, under the guidance of Social Security officers in Shrewsbury, England, I have already tried to claim social security benefits - only to run into a very major problem.
The basic problem is that the UK Social Security Services say I am not (in effect) entitled to social security benefits in the UK while I am the owner of my own home in the Republic of Ireland.  Apparently, I would have to sell my home in the Republic of Ireland before I could successfully claim social security benefits here. 
I feel I should also now make it clear to you that I have left the Republic of Ireland (in haste) on two separate occasions regarding the same set of very threatening legal issues: the first time was in October 2002 (when I went to England), and the second was in December 2004 (when I came to Northern Ireland).
I had hoped that someone connected with the UK Social Security Services, at some level, would have been able to grant a TEMPORARY concession which would enable me to receive help with such things as accommodation and living expenses: until such time as I had received the necessary legal help I needed to enable me to return safely to my home in the Republic of Ireland.
Unfortunately, and although I have tried VERY hard, I have completely failed so far to find anyone willing to grant such a temporary concession until I find the legal help I feel I very badly need; and, I have also failed to find such help through the various human-rights voluntary organisations I have tried.
A selection of my attempts to get the help I seek can be seen in the texts at the following four Internet addresses:
Though I did receive a reply from 10 Downing Street, and as can be seen from the address immediately below, the reply in question referred me to the Department of Trade and Industry:
It is on account of the difficulties related above that myself and Gerard Madden (Social Worker) ended up discussing the possibility of I trying to find a way around the Social Security Services restrictions (relating to home ownership) by formally applying for asylum. 
My discussions with Mr Madden on the possibility of I formally seeking asylum here were based on written information he provided me with - which I believe came from the UK Refugee Council ( ).  Unfortunately, I do not have the exact address of the document location (which I suspect may be restricted to professionals working in the social services field who pay for the service). However, as I am sending a copy of this e-mail to Mr Madden, he may decide it would be useful to let you have the necessray address in question, or, alternatively perhaps, to send you a copy of the PDF file as an e-mail attachment.
Allowing for the additional information I have set out above, I would be very grateful to you if you could give my overall situation some further thought and consideration please.
In response to your query regarding my citizenship, please note that I am a citizen of the Republic of Ireland.
Yours sincerely,
William Finnerty.

William Finnerty <> wrote:

Date: Mon, 18 Jul 2005 16:30:54 +0100 (BST)
From: William Finnerty <>
Subject: Applying for asylum - guidance sought please
To: "Northern Ireland Law Centre \(Western Area Office, Londonderry\)" <>
CC: "Gerard J Madden \(Senior Social Worker\)" <>

Dear Sir / Madam,

I left the Republic of Ireland (where my home is located) because of fear of persecution by the authorities there, and I am at present living in Northern Ireland.

Outline information regarding my legal difficulties in the Republic of Ireland can be found in the text of the July 2nd 2005 e-mail reproduced below to Dr Maurice Manning, who is President of The Irish Human Rights Commission.

Despite my being in receipt during recent months of what I see as very good quality help from Mr Gerard Madden, who is a senior social worker with the Omagh Community Mental Health Team, it seems to me that no practical progress at all is being made by way of I being enabled to justly resolve my legal problems with the Republic of Ireland authorities. 

Very recently, and largely because my savings are running out and because I fear becoming destitute, Mr Madden has provided me with information on applying for asylum (under the terms of Article 14.1 of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights as set out at Internet page address ).

Mr Madden has also suggested that, to begin with, I should first seek guidance from your office regarding the matter of I applying for asylum here - and hence this letter to you.

With due regard for the information contained in the email text to Dr Manning reproduced below, and the fact that I do not feel it is at all safe for me to return to my home in the Republic of Ireland, it would be very much appreciated if you could advise me please as to how I might best proceed regarding the matter of I formally seeking asylum here. 

Please note that to date I have not received any reply at all from Dr Manning to the e-mail reproduced below, and that this apparently negative response from The Irish Human Rights Commission has now become a source of added concern for me.

Later today I will send you a printed and signed copy of this email through the registered post, which I will address as follows: The Administrator, Law Centre Northern Ireland (Western Area Office), 9 Clarendon Street, Londonderry BT48 7EP.

I would be very grateful if you would reply to me through the address I am using for this e-mail please (i.e. ).  I would also like you to copy your reply to Mr Madden at his e-mail address provided in the Cc: section above please.

Yours faithfully,

William Finnerty.


Date: Sat, 2 Jul 2005 12:00:44 +0100 (BST)
From: William Finnerty <>
Subject: Flouting of human rights law ...
To: "Dr Maurice Manning \(President of Irish Human Rights Commission\)" <>
CC: "Gerard J Madden \(Senior Social Worker\)" <>,
"Adrian O'Kane \(Solicitor at Patrick Fahy & Co.\)" <>,
"Patrick J. Fahy \(Solicitor\)" <>,
Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission 

Dear Dr Manning,
I feel I am being very badly bullied by public servants who appear to me to be flouting human rights law with impunity - apparently with the tacit approval of the legal profession.
This problem has been going on in my case for several years now; and, try as I might, I have so far failed to secure the services of a human rights lawyer (or indeed any kind of lawyer) who is willing to help me to protect myself against what I see as a long string of outrageous, and steadily growing, psychological abuse.
Things have been allowed to develop to the stage where my mental health is now under very serious threat, as I believe my GP (Dr Michael Mc Cavert) would be very willing to confirm to anyone with responsibilities in the matter. (For some detailed information relating to Dr Mc Cavert's involvement, please see )
A list of the five most recent items of written correspondence connected with my ongoing efforts to resist what I see as a very determined attempt to maliciously criminalise me, by corrupt means, can be seen at the following Internet address:
I believe the malicious attempt to corruptly criminalise me is a direct result of I trying to draw public attention to Article 28A.1 of the written Constitution of the Republic of Ireland, and the fact that alterations made in 2001 (and possibly later) to the Republic of Ireland Waste Management Act, which remove decision making power from my democratically elected local government representatives in connection with the location of superdumps and incinerators, appear to me (and others) to violate Article 28A.1 in a very straightforward and blatant manner.
One consequence of this piece of wholly flawed, anti-democratic, and unlawful legislation (as I see it) is that two huge superdumps are now to be built within a mile or so of my home in County Galway: unless I can succeed in having the constitutionality of the alterations in question checked in the Republic of Ireland High Court - as I believe I have, and ALWAYS have had, a legal right to do.  Please note that work on one of the two superdumps in question, that is the Greenstar / National Toll Roads one in Kilconnel, started some weeks ago.
Some detailed information relating to my efforts to have the constitutionality of the alterations to the Waste Management Act checked can be seen in Section 1 of the appeal I made to An Bord Pleanala on February 21st 2004 at 
It would be very much appreciated if your organisation (The Irish Human Rights Commission ) would look into the above matters for me please.
I look forward to hearing from you, as soon as possible please, regarding your conclusions. 
Later today I intend to send a printed and signed copy of this e-mail to you through the registered post to your Dublin address (i.e Fourth Floor, Jervis House, Jervis Street, Dublin 1).
Yours sincerely,
William Finnerty.
St Albans
New Inn
County Galway
Republic of Ireland.
PS: Further background information relating to my case can be found at the following web site address:
Printed copy (by hand) to:
Dr Michael Mc Cavert (Omagh Health Centre, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland).

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