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Loughrea Court (Wednesday December 8th 2004)

Monday, 6 December, 2004 9:50 PM
From William Finnerty Mon Dec 6 21:50:20 2004
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Subject: Loughrea Court (Wednesday December 8th 2004)
Date: Mon, 6 Dec 2004 21:50:20 -0000
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Dear Ms Macklin,
Following our meeting when I called to your office in Ballinasloe this afternoon, it is now my understanding that Mr Geraghty is ill in bed and that he will not be able to be in court to defend me on Wednesday in Loughrea.
Under these circumstances (which are of course completely beyond my control), it would be much appreciated if you could contact the appropriate people in the court system to defer my being taken before the courts until such time as I have a lawyer who is familiar with my case to defend me.
As I mentioned to you this afternoon, I feel I very badly need the services of lawyer who is willing to defend me against the wrongful acts of public servants who are acting on behalf of the State; and, that without such a lawyer, PLEASE NOTE that I am TERRIFIED of appearing before the courts.  It is PRECISELY because I was unable to find such a lawyer that I did not attend the court in Loughrea in October 2002.  Unfortunately, and despite my best efforts during the two years in between, I STILL cannot find such a lawyer.  I do not see this as my fault.  I see it as the fault of the legal system in the Republic of Ireland: which appears to be acting as an arm (or fist) of Government - with no regard for the tripartite separation of powers embedded in our constitution.
I repeat, after searching for several years, both before and after October 2002,  I  STILL  CANNOT  FIND  A  LAWYER  WHO  WILL  DEFEND  ME  AGAINST  THE  WRONGFUL  ACTS  OF  PUBLIC  SERVANTS  ACTING  ON  BEHALF  OF  THE  STATE.
Please note that I have ALREADY provided Mr Geraghty and Mr Egan with much written evidence over the past 23 months or so of wrongful acts committed by public servants acting on behalf of the State: and that much of this evidence can be seen on the pages of the three Internet web sites listed below.
Later this evening, I plan to give printed copies of this e-mail to Garda Tom Kenny, to my brother Mr Gerald Finnerty, and to my half-sister Ms Margie Dolan.
With regard to the request I have made in paragraph 2 above, I trust you take full account of the contents of the copies of the two letters I handed to you this afternoon dated October 10th 2002 (from Mr Geraghty), and November 30th 2004 (to Mr Geraghty).  Please note that the text of the November 30th 2004 letter sent through the registered post can also be seen at:
Yours sincerely,
William Finnerty.



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