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Date: Sun, 1 Jan 2006 16:18:13 +0000 (GMT)
Subject: [Celtic Party] Sudden "opening" of National Toll Roads/Greenstar Kilconnell Superdump - further resistance expected ...

The information below has come from the following Indymedia Newswire location:


Doubts concerning Galway Co. Council's "monitoring" of Superdumps

by William Finnerty Sunday, Jan 1 2006, 1:59pm


'Incidentally, my "crime" is to have shouted at a public official (or "public servant" in Republic of Ireland terminology) who refused to look at an unlawful sewage discharge coming from the Primary School near my home (in County Galway), which is managed I understand by the local Parish Priest (Fr Pat Kenny), and which enters the river going through the village about 100 yards or so upstream from the pump-house for the local community water supply. Further information relating to this and other illegal sewage discharges near my home can be found at: . '

'The local government (Galway County Council) public official (Mr Enda Hoey) was in the village at the time for the purpose of trying to force me to take down a sign which contained an Internet address that carried information relating to Article 28A.1 of the Constitution of Ireland ("Bunreacht na hEireann") - and which local and central government obviously did not want the general public to know anything about in the run-up to the May 2002 General Election, because it would get in the way of their unconstitutional and unlawful plans to locate two huge rubbish dumps in the area (virtually on top of the Esker Riada, the most famous by far of the "Five Great Roads of Ancient Ireland"): one of which is to be located in New Inn near the world famous Turoe Stone, and the other, by Greenstar / National Toll Roads, in Kilconnell near Woodlawn House (the 1600s ancestral home of the present Lord Ashtown). Further information relating to the "Internet" road-sign can be found at: .'

'Information concerning my failed attempts to get legal help with the preparation of my court defence, which included letters sent through the registered post to Prime Minister Ahern TD and the Director of Public Prosecutions (Mr James Hamilton) can be seen at: . Please note, as can be viewed at this last address, that I also sought help from several European Union "public officials" - including, for example, the then European Union Commissioner for Health, Mr David Byrne (who, if my memory serves me correctly, is a senior Dublin lawyer).'


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