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From: "William Finnerty" <>
Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2005 10:48:10 +0100 (BST)
Subject: [bullyonline] Re: Victims of the legal profession ...

Though I still have no wish or inclination whatsoever to kowtow to the corruption (or to any of the perpetrators who are responsible for it in my particular case), despite the "living hell" kind of life-style I have had thrust upon me as a result of their contemptible behaviour, I don't know how long I can spend "swimming against the tide" either.

I survive partly because of a fantasy I hold onto that one day soon, a good quality lawyer somewhere, or better still a small group of such lawyers (i.e. people of real integrity), will vigorously tackle their corrupt and cowardly colleagues in the courts regarding the human-rights law abuses now taking place in the parts of the world we live in (i.e. Ireland and England).  If that ever happens, then I believe there is a very good chance I will "reach land" as you have put it.

There appears to be some kind of very large and completely false idea in place at the present time that for so long as there are no public executions (and such like) being carried out in our communities, that everything is entirely in order here as far as "human rights" are concerned.

Yet, in a psychological sense, I strongly suspect that hundreds (if not thousands) in our communities are being quietly "killed off" daily as the result of the vast and varied array of psychological abuse/bullying produced by all of the political, legal, and corporate corruption which is at present being allowed to run wild in our midst.

I have a tin-pot theory of my own regarding the "globalisation" craze which appears to me to be driving much of the present-day corruption in our parts of the world: if you want globalisation to work in a socially benign way, the FIRST thing you need to globalise (in a meaningful way) is human-rights law.

Sadly, that appears to me to be the very LAST thing that many (possibly all?) of our political, legal and corporate leaders actually want. Ending or severely reducing such things as bullying - by implementing and policing human-rights law properly - could have a very negative impact on some peoples' bank balances (and "power" balances): or so they appear to imagine at least.


PS:  I closely share the views you have expressed below.


Jenny wrote (in part)

"It is quite depressing isn't it ? - to know that there may never be a winnable situation for the victims?"

"However, I now realised that if I take a back seat and let the corruption takes its natural course, then every victim will die a slow death ( emotionally ) in due course."

"So I ask myself the question, do I go with the flow of the wave or do I swim against the tide and hope to God that I reach land sooner or later."


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