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Subject: Letter to Mr Duncan (Lawyer, Ballinasloe, County Galway, Republic of Ireland)
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A copy of your letter to Mr Duncan (Lawyer) has been placed at the following address:

Also, a copy of the "World Trade Organisation / G8 type ideation" e-mail to Lt. Col. Richard Finnerty (US Air Force ret.) has been placed at

Though I can't be absolutely sure about this, I'm almost certain Richard Finnerty once told me that he worked at the Pentagon in Washington for a time.  Also, it seems likely (to me) that he might still have contacts there. 

The more I learn about it, the more I'm inclined to the view that WTO / G8 activities (which appear to have the full backing of the US administration as far as I can judge) lay at the root of the most serious of the environmental and human rights law violations in the Republic of Ireland, and, to a much lesser extent perhaps in relation to environmental issues, in the United Kingdom of Great Brittan & Northern Ireland as well. 

Basically, WTO/G8 & Co appear to be bullying and forcing people such as Prime Minister Ahern TD, Prime Minister Blair MP, EU Commission President Barroso, etc., etc., (i.e. political leaders from all parts of the world) to unlawfully override national sovereignty, including of course the legal systems of the sovereign states in question - and even of groups of states, such as the members of the European Community for example.  (Anyone who seriously doubts this, might do well to carefully study the contents of the e-mail to Richard Finnerty at the Internet address above, which includes a link to a UK national daily newspaper article dated February 13th 2006.)

This would explain, among other things, why some people are finding it completely impossible to find human rights lawyers to defend themselves (both in the Republic of Ireland and in the UK), even when it is blatantly obvious that their legal rights (under human rights law) are being systematically undermined and violated: as a direct result of transnational collusion between senior public officials.

It would also explain why you appear to have ended up with a "SuperDump" beside your home which is in breach of the Republic of Ireland's written Constitution - for the reasons set out in Ann Marie's application for Legal Aid at , and in the An Bord Pleanala Appeal at .

Please note though that, for all I know, any number of the political leaders in question might not need to be forced or bullied into breaking the law: in other words, they may be very willing partners (and indeed lawless bullies themselves) regarding the outrageous legal and social abuse WTO/G8 & Co appear to be indulging themselves in - and getting away with completely (at the present time).

Of course it seems to be of no use whatsoever (at the present time) reporting crimes of the type in question to the national police forces - as they obviously appear to believe that the senior public officials colluding with each other to commit such crimes - which include extremely serious crimes directly relating to mental torture - are unquestionably and entirely above the law: and, that the victims of such crimes deserve no consideration at all from the lawyers and politicians responsible.

If it was just one or two senior public officials breaking the law, I consider it likely the police might well intervene.  However, when there are dozens of senior public officials (and perhaps hundreds or thousands even) all colluding together to break the law, that somehow apparently makes it all okay in the eyes of the national and international police forces? - at the present time, at least.  A similar situation appears to exist with the main-stream national and international media organisations, and with the national and international medical and social service organisations.

V. (at )

PS: I think there may be an error in the address you used for Mr Duncan - which was noticed earlier when the copy of your letter was placed at the following address:

If you scroll down to the "Original message" (from you) at the above page, and look in the "To" line just beneath, there is a space between "d" and "c" which I don't think should be there - as in <Jduncanand>. 

Such mistakes are all too easy to make, and I consider it likely that the above address would not work in the form you appear to have written it in. 

Maybe you should check to see if Mr Duncan has actually received that particular e-mail or not? 

As it may save you some time and trouble, I am copying this e-mail to what I believe was the address you intended to write for Mr Duncan (i.e.   ).

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           --- End of e-mail text ---

Constitution of Ireland:
Bunreacht na hEireann

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